Explanation of Me

Well I thought I would just put myself out there—I’m an ozark homesteader dad with 8 children and all alone on the end of a dirt road in the mountains with my wife and kids trying to hold it all together—I think though with my 50 plus years of age there might just be others out there like me who would like to just talk about ┬áwhatever is on there mind. Good stuff -bad stuff-things that grow on rocks-fat stuff -skinny stuff even stuff that always rocks. So let’s go and give each other a sounding board -totally anonymous-see if I can help you while you help me make it through this idiotic thing I like to call controlled chaos of raising a family in the woods.



Mr “P” says–“Its not about ME”

I was looking at some footage online the other day of the coming hurricane-Irma-about how people were getting ready for the impending doom that was churning just off the coast–and in just a cameo shot in the background of one video—I noticed that this man had set up one of those little tent covers and had stacks and stacks of cases of bottled water—BIG sign that said –$30 dollars each–most people prolly never even noticed–but this thing really caused me to start thinking–yes I know that in every disaster there are those few individuals that will take advantage of everyone else—-but is it just a few anymore or is it mostly everyone?????

Since we have been fostering I’ve ran into this”me” thing over and over—-some of the kids we’ve had are given (from the state)this entitlement idea over and over—they come into our house with this “the world owes me sumthin attitude “that is VERY hard to change .

This attitude is slowly–generationally–changing our country into some obscure place that–just in my lifetime–is unrecognizable.

I took my kids down to the lake one day for swimming—like we do most days to cool off–we live on a dirt road with lake access but this day we went down to the public beach (as I always try to give the kids places to meet other kids)So we’re swimming and I was lookin over the lake at this HUGE pontoon–the likes of which I had never seen–coming into the boat ramp to load up–then this Cadillac SUV(don’t know the name)backed down in the water and loaded this monstrosity onto it and pulled outta the water and parked.This man got outta the truck and him and his family walked over to the beach and came in swimmin.This man come right over to where I was swimmin and the first words outta his mouth were “What ya think of that rig”—well—pretty nice I guess–he said “I pay $3700 dollars a month for that little set up we come out to the lake once a year with the kids and stay a whole week of my two weeks paid vacation here”–OMG(oh my goat)—-REALLY–

Kids in so many sports and extra curricular activities -football-basketball-soccer-baseball-dance-gymnastics-given anything and everything they desire and the list goes on and on and they can barely do it all—and of coarse EVERYBODY gets a trophy—people a workin seven days a week to have —the new car–new boat–huge house–all the toys they can think of–biggest vacation they can do–all the while wonderin in the back of there mind “How”they can top the next person—-This consumeristic model that our country has been awollerin in is ABSOLUTELY a rippen our Humanity apart and is fallin right into the hands of the slave owners of this ­čîÄ.from the man a sellin water for 30.00 a case to all of our fat little entitled diabetic teenagers that drink monsters and play video games every waking hour and expect somebody else to give em stuff(and we as parents)are doin it just because we —“want our kids to have it better than we did”—What are we doing to our next generations –people—we are crippling them—-NO-work ethic-honesty-character-respect- and no –Humanity .

It’s not been that long ago that people taught there kids all of these traits and that was the catalyst which enabled them to attain the highest possible level of –“Pursuit of Happiness “and vaulted us (as the U.S.A. )Into the best country in the world—everyone wanted to come here–not anymore though–if you read the numbers-and believe em– we are losing more of our population a year than we are gaining.

Maybe it’s time to –Dump the tea–eh!!

Try workin less and teachin more—y’all had that given to you now howsabout givin it to your kids—-they are a screamin as loud as they can for us to be the ADULTS -and the parents we were taught to be—there lost—no direction in life–flittering from one thing to the next a lookin for what it is to be an adult and how to stand apart from the person next to them–all the while–we’re just a tryin to figgur out how to step on EVERYONE around us to get to that next level of —“ME”

I hope I didn’t burn yer biscuits to bad

“Later Taters”

The Beauty Of Being Wanted

Thomas the turkey says—“What you talking about mountainman”

Let me start out by tellin yall a story of our life—-I always wanted a large family and would always-as a boy “dream of attaining  this.So when I found my Angel -we talked alot about what we wanted our life to look like—it was evident from the onset that my lovely was set on two kids—I wanted 12 so her being her -she went along with me–

We started trying to have kids–long story short—after several years we were told children weren’t in our future.Totally saddened we moved on with our plans of a childless marriage and what that might look like—we’ll I guess ifffin that be our life we would just hafta “take care”off ourselves and our WANTS and PLEASURE.

So the first thing I did was to go down to the local Harley dealer and order myself a brand spankin new ultra-glide classic–in turquoise blue and off white-with all the spit shinin I could get on the old girl—this would stand as the pinnacle of my angeryhappiness that I found myself wallerin in !!! So two weeks before I was to pick up this wonderfullness I get a call at work from my wife—-“I went to the doctor today to get some medicine for my stomach flu and turns out —-“IM PREGNANT “—-WHAAAAAAT—doctors had told us a one in a million chance of this happening—my heart almost stopped–and then I called and cancelled–happily–the Harley

So life was a lookin up–so we threw ourselves into this life and what seemed like an eternity I was standing in the maternity wing holding a beautiful baby girl version of me–

So enjoying our newfound family—-we started trying again—long story short–seven years later–we were still tryin!!!!!—–SADNESS—-no more little mes would be a runnin around-until one day our 7year old little smarty pants came up to us and said —mother and father I really need to talk to you about me a wantin brothers and sisters—Well Honey that may not ever happen—so she promptly took us over to her computer and typed in________kids .com—-and pictures of all these kids started scrolling by—she says look there’s all my brothers and sisters there—–so that’s were the gloryfull madness begins—

So fosterparentin here we come—-so turns out 15 years later we found out we’re not real good at it —-we had a hard time givin any of them back—we just adopted them

Early on we realized that the 30hours of training wouldn’t be enough –when our first little girl went over to the kitchen sink and opened the door and proceeded to tell us whatall we needed from under there and how we could make meth outta that stuff——Gotta tell ya—“scared the crap outta me”—but thousands of hours of training later we acquired the reputation of being the perfect foster parents of meth affected children—go figger—“me”

So nurture vs nature—-I hafta say there’s really not a “right ” answer—some things and  some problems do travel with the chemical makeups of the family —but nurture can help you find ways of dealing with these–and find life skills to lessen the problem and change the outcome that hinders previous generations.Gotta say it worked for most but not all—but remember “all life is precious”so we luv-em-all no matter what

We are now on the homestead and we’re all learning about ourselves and our family—learning how to be honest with each other and using each other to make it through all those problems you face in life —plus the added problems that go along with being adopted .

But,that all being said—these problems aren’t just for these kids—-everyone in life –if your honest –has these same problems

We all are just tryin to be Loved and appreciated for who we are—seems like to me that’s what it all boils down to eh—-

I tell anyone and everyone around me—-“I DONT CARE WHO YOU ARE—JUST BE WHO YOU ARE “—people always are able to handle the truth better than the lie—–have a little faith in the people around you–

And what works with this mountainman and his family in the woods is to ALWAYS Do what you can to show those around you how much they are Loved­čĺś—and the saying I always try to have in my mind is this—–NOT ME BUT THEE–thee being EVERYONE around you

Don’t get a hair in yer biscuits today and enjoy life


Pinterest Pioneers come to the woods

Diego BOB say—-“Whaaaaaaaat!!!!!

Let me start by telling a funny story that actually happened—she goes like this

Since we live where we live we have to buy tires about once a year-on everthin we drive—ten ply with eight ply sidewalks—these things are not cheap but the rocks will eat anythin else up—so I need tires on my truck–get up early -Chorin done-head on off the mountain and an hour later I’m a pulling in to the Walmart to get the tires—–walk in to the tire shop and get them to hook me up with a brand new setta shoes for the old girl—-1hour wait—“well shit”-but I gotta have em so I wait—-being a homesteader there’s not a lotta stuff we buy ,but I could always use some more plinkers for the target practice- so I get myself up off the bench in the auto department–you know the one that leaves little holes all over yer butt when you sit on it for an hour–and head off to the sportin goods desk–round the corner and right away notice that true to form—Redneck central–but living in Arkansas mountains I’ve been noticing ALOT of what I like to call Pinterest pioneers moving from the burbs to the woods.fair enough there’s PLENTY off reasons these days to want to become self reliant and learn to fend fer yerself –I get it and am always more than welcome to help new converts to the woods.

So I move in line behind this gentleman with the new cammo head to toe–brand new open carry pistol–the start of the beard darkening his face–and a whole cartload of preps.hes waiting for what I find out later to be three boxes of every kind of ammo they have—–so outta the blue he turns to me and says (I kid you not)—‘got my beans buried “—I must have looked perplexed because he said–“you know the 55 gallon drum of beans buried them in my barn floor”—I then said-eat a lot of beans do ya—his reply—no hate em but when the shit-hits-the-fan–I’ll have the beans I need—–I said you know you should prolly eat summa those beans to get used to the proteins because you can die  with 55 gallons of beans if yer not used to them—-he then said—well that’s not all—I’ve got over 100 bags of dog food in my bunker—yeah that’s exactly what I asked him —why ya got a lotta dogs—his reply(yeah you guessed it again)Well you know when stuff falls apart people start eating dog food—–I then said—-if your preparing for whatever why would you buy dog food to eat—if you see dog food and porknbeans wouldn’t you buy sumthin you like—-and with a blank stare at me he turned and walked away—didn’t mean to make him mad but I see a lotta folks out here in the hills buying and doing a lotta crazy stuff——unfortunately homesteaders and peppers are kinda put in the same category. I grew up out in the country—-1 hour away from anythin so when did being prepared for Anything become a bad thing—seems to me it’s only prudent to be ready for anythin that might happen so you can handle it yerself  and “get by”

Alotta noise these days—nuclear war-economic collapse-martial law-nibiru-plague-pestilence-pole shift-global warming-ice age-zombie apocalypseand the list goes on and on—-

Yeah all these things and many more I guess could prolly happen but hasn’t it always been that way—life is hard—life is brutal–and if you look back through just the history we know you’ll find that we’ve always as a human race been on the verge of complete annialation from something or tuther—–

IF YOU FOCUS ON WHATS GONNA HAPPEN YOULL ABSOLUTELY MISS WHATS HAPPENING NOW –life is happening all around you –don’t miss it–by all means get prepared for whatever you think is gonna happen but understand all life is precious and you don’t want to miss a second of it—because when that second is over-that’s one less you have to live!!!!!


Sunday on the ridge

Ok –I was bound to eventually get to GOD as a topic so here goes—I grew up in the Pentecostal church–dad was a preacher and everyone I knew and had interaction with went to church on Sunday ,Wednesday,and any other day there was a singing or revivalin—found out everythin I needed to do to go to hell— I reckon I spent much of my childhood scared to death and trying to stay outta hell no one ever told me how to get to heaven–seems like everyone’s just trying to figur out how it is you can be ok in the sight of their higher power–whatever that would be–

My wife and I fer years tried to do it—taught Sunday school–helped with youth group–sang in the choir–went anywhere anytime the doors were open–gave 10%and much more”to the cause”—only to figer out later that if God be God he only really cares about your heart and the whole “LOVE”being the greatest commandment.

When we moved to the Missouri/Arkansas ozarks to start this journey we went to Many churches in this area–one -we went on Sunday mornin–sat in a pew—started getting looks from sister so-and-so so I told my wife”we’ve taken her pew–we got up and moved–3 more times this happened–so we got up and left—seems like religion  has turned into just what you do on Sunday

Also the churches where we live—your either a bun-head or you play with snakes or your there not to serve God but to serve the church—– I’m Calling Bullshit—God can’t be that miniscule–he’s GOD-right–creator of everything-Lord of the heavens-the surpreme power over darkness——

So we don’t attend religion anymore we are looking for truth and I dont see much of that coming from religion anymore—-I grew up using King James Version of the Bible— well why did king James leave out many books from the original Torah –could it be his agenda–that’s not truth is it if agendas come into play in almost EVERYTHING going on in this world today.

I think that God is real and God can speak to your heart if you let him—-and I also think that when you get to heaven–whatever that would be—you might be surprised at the people you see—and more surprised at the people you don’t see!!!!

Humanity is suffering people and the world is just letting it go out the window—try seeing that guy who’s holding the sign at Walmarts entrance–or that family living in their car–or that vet that’s living in the street or that —and I’m gonna say it—that person going to church on Sunday that is late and flips you off  with a “HONK IF YA LOVE JESUS”bumper sticker.

Everyday life is ticking off of your clock—those days will never again be yours to do with what you can to make it a + or a-  and in the end I think the only thing that matters is connections–the heart connections that you’ve made in this life and the people you’ve touched!!!!

Have a wonderful Sunday–later taters

┬áContemplation over the canning stove

  1. Picked the garden this mornin and am putting up the bounty—-tomatoes turned into 100jars of salsa for the winter—okra cut and frozen–the muscadine finally came in so fermentation begins–cucumbers picked and will be going in the brine this evening—but for now—waiting on the water bath to decide to start boiling—and deciding on what kinda beer I will be brewing—-homesteading is kinda a whole buncha work and a whole buncha solitary work for just your family—with not a lot of socializing with people—kinda ok though 30 years of driving a truck has shown me that I just kinda don’t like most people anymore—-toooooo many molds ya hafta fit in to fit in—–when exactly did this happen to our country—when did it change from just being who you are instead of tryin to be somebody else—-my homestead sits at the end of a long barely drivable dirt road—where troubles that most people have–are not even an issue out here—-where you battle with this place everyday to beat ole “Mother Nature”—sitting in the canning kitchen listening to the kids–in the barn loft getting ready for there friends to sleep over-nuthin like fresh hay to lay yer head on—the rest trying to get ole maximillion –the hog -to stand still long enough to grab his ears and go on an adventure down through the woods—–ahhhh country life—wouldn’t have it any other way.im telling you guys—-quit tryin to fit in the mold—yer missin it—try letting it go and see who you really are—might surprise ya!!!!!! –later taters–

    Explanation of craziness

    How many of you started out life with high expectations of changing the world and making a difference—always thought I would do amazing things in life–tried all my childhood to get away from that farm–when I graduated high school I did just that–done a lot of crazy things-went a lot of crazy places-got into a lot of situations and come out at the end with nothing but feeling like I missed the point of it all—then I opened my eyes to that which was around me–I found a wonderful lady who agreed to marry me and we started living life–several jobs-several locations-and several adoptions later I find myself here—back on the farm passing on what little I’ve seemed to learn in life to eight wonderfully made little persons—and loving life—–did I make it-not by the worlds measure—-money is tight-animals always sick-never enough time in the day to get everything done—always gardening,greenhouse,canning,cutting wood,building or fixing fence,keeping the predators away,milking the list goes on and on.BUT—in the end and sitting here right now-contemplating my life—-I won

    so I think the point of it all is to find your eden in yourself-step away from everybody in the world that’s telling you what you need to find happiness and discover who you are within the vast automaton universe in which we live—I started this blog to give me a place to get pissed off–get happy-get yelled at–get encouraged–just so I wouldn’t end up not being able to have a voice—-men Never really have anyone to talk to about whatever stupid shit they have going through their head—-so I may rant-rave-give insight-take insight–tell you to buzz off -or let you tell me to buzz off.either way I just think it’s time to have a place for men or women to let it all go —anonymously—without being beat up by those we love—–so I’m Gonna—-will you join me—-this is Idiot Mountainman signing off